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The mobile health (mSalud or mHealth) may be defined as the implementation of technologies and mobile networks communications to healthcare.

The use of mobile health may transform the way health services are provided around the world: new more efficient ways of working, care processes optimisation, patient safety reinforcement, participation and involvement of citizens…

“Take this pill, visit our links and use this mobile app” is becoming a new paradigm.

mHealth technologies are committed to improve life quality and patient safety, as well as to set out important challenges to health systems and patients themselves.

Therefore, the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality has launched an initiative in order to ensure that mHealth processes and developments contribute to the improvement of services, with no prejudice of users.

The Safety and Quality Strategy in Mobile Health Apps is a dynamic and integrated process which holds suggestions and advice for general citizenship and a list of recommendations is recognised with the granting of the AppSaludable Quality Seal.

Recommendations Guide

Starting on October 2012, the guide includes recommendations on design, use and assessment of mobile health apps aimed to all involved groups: citizenship, health professionals, health services providers, developers…

The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality has had the support of its own resources in order to develop the project, as well as the collaboration of expert health professionals, apps developers, patients’ representatives, managers of the Andalusian Public Health System, and specialists of different areas from inside and outside Andalucía (accessibility, usability, safety, data protection, etc).

The guide is also a process open to suggestions and contributions made through comments posted on the website, which help to improve the information, recommendations and other contents.

Recommendations are focused on the following aspects:

AppSaludable Seal Quality

In its pursuit of good practices acknowledgment on matters of mHealth, the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality has created the AppSaludable Quality Seal. It is a guarantee seal used in order to recognise those reliable mobile apps.

The AppSaludable Quality Seal is the first Spanish seal that freely recognises all public or private health apps that ask for it.

The process is mainly based on the self-assessment of the app in accordance with recommendations included in the guide, and the assessment carried out by a committee of Agency’s experts in order to identify possible improvements.

Once the seal is awarded, the app becomes part of a list of mobile health apps with remarkable safety and quality.

Mobile Health Apps Catalogue

Safety and Quality Strategy in Mobile Health Apps provides users with a resource to improve quality and reliability guarantees in the use of mobile health apps.

Our mobile health apps catalogue shows those apps with remarkable quality, safety and reliability, including those granted with the AppSaludable Quality Seal, those in the assessment process or those that have applied for this acknowledgment.

Besides, the apps granted with the AppSaludable Quality Seal are linked to an information sheet which includes remarkable aspects and improvements which have been identified after the assessment process.

Next Steps

The Agency is intended to develop new activities related to mobile health apps, such as:

  • Creation of practice communities for the different groups involved with mHealth: forums, list of tools for the development of apps…
  • Future certification programme for mobile health apps.