The functioning of the health App preserves privacy in the recorded information collects express consents granted by users and warns of risks coming from the use of online mobile health Apps.

[Privacy and Data Protection]

Purpose: The responsible persons of the health App have to ensure the rights to honour and privacy.


  1. Warnings of the risks coming from the use of online mobile Apps should be shown to users.
  2. Personal information should be collected, stored and exchanged according to security standards which ensure its confidentiality all the time.
  3. The health App’s owner must have an express consent granted by the user before the collection of sensitive or specially protected data which will be stored in encrypted form.
  4. User’s express consent is required in order to use their personal information for purposes other than those it was collected for.
  5. A mechanism for users to control the automatic collection of navigation data and App use should be provided.


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